Camille de Bueger, new partner at EQUAL. - EQUAL team

Camille de Bueger, new partner at EQUAL.

Following Thomas Deridder last July, it is Camille de Bueger’s turn to take this step after three years as a trainee at the firm.

One of the ways EQUAL works is by allowing trainee lawyers to apply to become partners after their traineeship.

Camille mainly works in environmental law, energy law, urban planning law and general public law, which includes local taxation.

The thing she especially likes about these areas is their role in the transition to more sustainable management of our country and, on a wider scale, our planet.

Her role in public law cases, more specifically in these areas, is to advise, support and defend our clients, who may be private or public parties. She works alongside them in the preparatory phase, during implementation and once the project has begun. When it comes to disputes, she believes it is crucial to seek a reasonable, amicable solution before initiating any court action.

In terms of urban planning, the environment and energy, the legal framework is constantly evolving because of the influence of Belgian and European legislators. This means Camille has to stay up to date, which is what inspires her to write about these exciting topics and to devote some time to the various training courses that EQUAL organises—as well as being motivated by educational goals and the need to be in touch with the situation on the ground.

Camille de Bueger chose to work at EQUAL because the values at the heart of the project correspond to the values that have always guided her choices. She believes in change that we initiate and that benefits us, which is expressed well in our slogan, “law for better living”. In her view, the law is one of the most useful and effective ways of creating a better world.

The entire EQUAL team would like to congratulate Camille and thank her for her work!

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