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Bénédicte De Beys

I work in general public law, sometimes specialising in public economic law. All the cases I handle concern public authorities or companies that have relations with public authorities and wish to initiate business projects.

What I like about my area of practice is the diversity of its nature, the fact that work is generally over the mid- to long-term and that cases are generally aimed at the community. I like being involved in putting in place institutional reform, helping to create new structures and new public policies.

I am specialised in legal drafting, i.e. I work with public authorities on drafting bills or decrees, from the outset all the way to publication. My role is therefore to offer constructive guidance to public authorities in their desire for change.

Our project at EQUAL has motivated me to continue to exercise my profession! I am now the master of my career and can take control of my profession while maintaining the values I hold dear, namely transparency, autonomy, solidarity and respect for all fellow humans.